Products and Services

Valves for Nuclear Power Plants

Corporation “Splav” is one of the leading suppliers of valves and equipment for NPPs.

Our valves and equipment are installed at all the NPPs in Russia and also in many NPPs abroad which have been constructed under Russian projects.

  • Shut-off bellow valves for high pressure
  • Shut-off bellow valves for low pressure
  • Shutoff-regulating bellow valves
  • Control bellow valves
  • Wedge gate valves
  • Check valves
  • Back-pressure valves
  • Products for instrumentation and automation
  • Disconnecting devices
  • Shut-off solenoid valves
  • Ball type flowmeters
  • Multilayer bellows
  • Sample preparing and measuring system
  • Complex of technical means
  • Actuators
  • Ball valves

Valves and equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries

Machine-building Corporation “Splav” is one of the leading suppliers of pipeline valves and equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries. The Corporation has all the permissive documents, giving the right to design and manufacture equipment for oil gas and chemical industries. “Splav” is a reliable supplier and partner of such strategic Corporations like Rosneft, Transneft, Gazprom, the largest enterprises: Severstal, Uralvagonzavod, Ruzkhimmash.

  • Shut-off seal valves
  • Shut-off bellow valves
  • Control bellow valves
  • Ball valves
  • Back-pressure valves
  • Wedge gate valves
  • Instruments and equipment for gas pipelines

Valves for railroad tank-cars and tank-containers

  1. Shut-off valves
  2. Ball valves
  3. Safety valves
  4. High-speed valves
  5. Loading/unloading devices
  6. Drainage device

Bellows and and compensators

Machine-building Corporation “Splav ” has experience in the production of bellows since 1981, with the start of production of bellows valves for NPPs. In 2005 the Corporation’s production facilities were equipped with the modern high-tech equipment, manufactured and certified in Germany. This equipment allows to produce bellows expansion joints up to DN 1600. The compensators are calculated by the DIMy v.5.0 program, used by the members of the Association of Manufacturers of Bellows

The materials, used in the production of bellows and expansion joints, are purchased from leading Russian and foreign suppliers. Preference is for suppliers, that guarantee the quality and stability of supplies, working directly with the manufacturers. All materials comply with European standards, the quality of the materials used is confirmed by the manufacturer’s certificates. The main steel grades used in the production of expansion joints: AISI 321, AISI 304, etc.

  1. Single and multi-layer bellows, according to GOST and TU
  2. Axial bellows compensators
  3. Compensating bellows devices


Cryogenic and special valves

In 2005, Machine-building Corporation “Splav” received the first order for special valves for the cosmodrome in India. A year later, prototypes of unique valves and back-pressure valves for the temperature of operating medium from -253 °С up to +600 °С were successfully tested and launched into mass production, and the Corporation received the second order for special valves for the Indian cosmodrome. So the Russian enterprises also became interested by the experience of MB Corporation “Splav” in the development and manufacture of special valves for missilery.
In 2006, PKTI “Atomarmproekt” started the project on development and manufacturing of special valves and blocks for testing benches commissioned by NIIMASH.
Since 2008 and during the next few years, the equipment for the “Design Bureau “Yuzhnoye” named after M.K.Yangel” was supplied to them. This equipment was especially developed by PKTI “Atomarmproekt” for the implementation of the Ukrainian-Brazilian Project for the creation of the rocket and space complex Cyclone-4 at the Alcantara cosmodrome (Brazil).

Nowadays Machine-building Corporation “Splav” is the only manufacturer in Russia that has in its “portfolio” a full range of valves for missilery and missile launchers.
The quality of the products of Corporation “Splav” is guaranteed by control at all stages of the production process: from quality control of purchased raw materials and materials to testing of ready products.

  1. Cryogenic bellow valves
  2. Bellow valves
  3. Gland valves
  4. Back-pressure valves
  5. Reverse flow valves
  6. Safety valves

Industrial gas burners

Gas burners with a capacity from 0.45 up to 5.0 MW have block design, are fully automatic and designed for the combustion of natural gas.
Advantages of modulating burners:
• prolongation of the heat-generating unit service life;
• fuel economy for at least 5% (in comparison with smooth-two-stage burners of the corresponding heat output), frequency and oxygen regulation;
• ecological standards for gas combustion with a minimum amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere by CO (even up to 0%) and NOx (according to Swiss, the most stringent norms);
• wide range of power regulation (from 10 up to 100%) and high efficiency of the heat-generating unit in the entire control range;
• complete automation of the heat unit (without personnel maintenance), dispatching and remote control.