“Open collar”: the CEO of MC “Splav” has participated in a meeting with the management of “Rosatom” State Corporation

“The interests of Rosatom and suppliers coincide” – such is the main conclusion drawn following the results of the International Forum “Atomeks-2017” which has taken place in Moscow, the largest communication platform opening a possibility of direct and open dialogue with customers of nuclear sector for suppliers. Representatives of Corporation “Splav” have participated in a number of the meetings and official meeting on equal terms of the Forum devoted to the most important questions of development of branch.

Yulia Penyaz, the deputy director on sales for the NPP:

– We have obtained new information on volumes and programs of purchases next year, and it is just that information which allows to plan our activity most effectively. Schedules of implementation of projects and large lots for 2018 and 2019 have been submitted to us. Emphases on new tendencies of “Rosatom” State Corporation, in particular, have been placed on typification of technical requirements, unification of the equipment of the NPP. It was interesting to learn about the available practice and results of the appeal of procedures of purchases. During the business briefing devoted to answers to questions of suppliers a number of problems, important for us, which aren’t always possible for solving on places as customers – directly nuclear power plants or the engineering companies – are connected by the regulatory base and requirements of EOSZ has been discussed. This meeting has allowed us to be heard and to receive feedback from the responsible persons interested in further improvement of all system of purchases. Besides, such actions allow also suppliers to discuss the available issues among themselves and to collectively develop ways of their decision.

The business program of the Forum was opened by a meeting of the management of “Rosatom” State Corporation with suppliers of nuclear sector in a format ” Open collar ” in which also the CEO of MK “Splav” has taken part.

Alexander Sidorenko, CEO:

– “Rosatom” state corporation – the largest customer of pipeline armature for the NPP, including – and armature of our production. The interests of “Rosatom” State Corporation and suppliers coincide, we are also interested in fast and effective construction of nuclear power plants as in Russia, and abroad. Last meeting in a format “open collar ” – a milestone event for branch. The similar format of communication of procurement participants gives an impetus for development of all system of interaction and acts as method of its fine adjustment. We are ready to held meetings regularly, at the same time it is important to divide communication with suppliers in the directions and a focus of interest, for example, to allocate in separate group the manufacturing plants of pipeline armature for the NPP. At last meeting we managed to discuss and receive feedback on a number of the major questions, but the circle of the remained problems – is wide. It and the organization of entrance control on the NPPs under construction, and difficulties of participation of the Russian suppliers in construction of nuclear power plants abroad. According to us, it is the main problems which all producers and suppliers of pipeline armature for the NPP face now.

“Splav” is one of the producers of pipeline armature, largest in Russia, for nuclear sector. Production of Corporation has equipped 55 power units on all domestic nuclear power plants today and also all foreign NPPs constructed on the Russian projects in 7 countries of the world – Iran, China, Hungary, India, Bulgaria, etc. In 2016 corporation “Splav” has finished the large project on deliveries of pipeline armature for construction of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in China. It is the most large-scale object of economic cooperation between our countries for which construction of four power units “Splav” has produced more than 18,5 thousand units of armature.