Production of “Splav” has undergone testing in the “Tatneft” company

In November inspection of production capacities of Corporation “Splav”  in which representatives of one of the largest Russian oil companies “Tatneft” participated has taken place. By results of inspection “Splav” is recognized to completely conforming all requirements which “Tatneft” imposes to the suppliers.

These events were held within the present contract for production and delivery of batch of compensators for their application in construction of the 3rd turn of a complex oil and petrochemical refineries “Taneko” in the city of Nizhnekamsk of the Republic of Tatarstan. Partners of “Splav” have arrived in Veliky Novgorod personally to be convinced of high quality of production of Corporation.

Natalya Zamakhina, the head of department on sales of bellows and compensators:

– The large companies with which we work including PJSC “Tatneft” of V.D. Shashin, very seriously treat the choice of suppliers. We are the manufacturing plant of “a full cycle”,  regularly exposed to various inspections and technical checks and are ready at any time, to present the capacities and process of production of the equipment upon the demand of the Customer especially as we have something to show. For “Tatneft” compensators of three different types and diameters which are specially developed according to the project documentation are manufactured. Representatives have estimated the production capacities of Corporation involved at production of production for “Tatneft” from the forge and press shop and the shop of mechanicprocessing before assembly production, have taken part in acceptance tests.

At present production is fully completed and ready to delivery to an object which will take place in the nearest future.