Cryogenic equipment of MС “Splav”: we look forward with confidence

In Moscow there has begun work the design bureau which is a part of “Corporation Splav”  and design institute “Atomarmproekt”. Tasks of new division include development and design of the new directions of pipeline armature for various spheres of the industry. Including – development and expansion of a line of the cryogenic equipment – one of the most significant directions in production policy of MK “Splav”.

Vasily Tyunyaev, head of design bureau of cryogenic armature:

– One of the main objectives on which we already actively work – import substitution, that is development and start in production of cryogenic armature which are designed to become on Russian the market high-quality replacement to demanded import analogs and also expansion of a line of new products for work with cryogenic products – the systems of storage of the liquefied gases, flexible pipelines with screen-vacuum isolation, etc. In this market we look into the future of “Splav” with confidence. We have all opportunities for work. The staff of division is created for 80%, these are the designers having experience of development of cryogenic equipment and it will be correct if some more experts in this branch of design enter our ranks.

In the market of the cryogenic equipment “Splav” – the skilled player. Among the most significant projects in which the Corporation – development of prototypes participated, tests, mass production and delivery of special pipeline armature for the spaceport in India; development and production of pipeline armature and units for test benches by request of NIIMASh; supply of equipment for “Yuzhnoye design office of M.K. Yangel” within implementation of the project of the space-rocket “Cyclone-4” complex (the Alkantara spaceport, Brazil), etc.

Being the enterprise of a full cycle of production, “Splav” conducts development of production – including cryogenic – on all stages, from the idea embodying a design plan before creation of prototypes, the subsequent series of necessary tests and start in mass production. Today “Corporation Splav”  – the only producer in Russia having in the portfolio the full range of various armature for the cryogenic systems of gas station of products of the missile and space equipment, airdividing installations and the LNG production plants.

At production of cryogenic armature special attention is paid to process of ensuring the highest quality. For this purpose the system of multistage control obligatory for each production phase, since entrance control of the arriving materials, production tests of production for durability and tightness, “cold” tests acts on the enterprise.