Compensators for the Rostov NPP: entrance control is undergone

The axial compensators of Du 800 made and shipped by Corporation “Splav” for carrying out planned repair work on the Rostov NPP have successfully undergone entrance control. Last week the commission as a part of representatives of the Rostov NPP has signed all documents according to which the equipment of «Splav» is recognized as completely conforming all requirements of standard documentation.

Nuclear sector belongs to the sphere of the increased danger in this connection very great demands are placed on production used for ensuring activity of objects of nuclear power. The procedure of interaction of the supplier of the equipment and nuclear power plant is accurately regulated. In particular, entrance control is intended to exclude completely possibility of appearance on the NPP of the low-quality equipment, which isn’t conforming to standard requirements.

Yulia Grishina, sales manager of bellow valves and compensators of MC “Splav”:

– Cooperation with nuclear power plants demands from producers to meet very strictly conditions concerning execution of all necessary technical documentation – one set can reach 200 pages – and ensuring quality of production. From this point of view, we have very powerful advantages. Technologically it is difficult to struggle with us. Process of production of compensators is completely controlled, and not only specialists of our central laboratory and checking department, but also the representatives VO “Safety” participating and in tests, and procedures of quality control of metal, welding, etc. It means that our compensators completely conform to the highest technical requirements.

Production of compensators for nuclear power plant – the direction, rather new to “Splav”, for which development the Corporation makes the maximum efforts. The Rostov NPP becomes one more nuclear power plant where compensators of MC “Splav” will be installed in pipelines of important sectors. We will note that since the end of 2015 the Corporation wins all lots on delivery of compensators for nuclear sector and is a supplier for blocks of the Kursk and Belarusian nuclear power plant under construction.