“Splav”: a worthy trace in the Russian history of elimination of chemical weapon

Last week in Udmurtia the last remains of the fighting toxic agent which is available in the territory of Russia have been destroyed. Process of the destruction of chemical weapon (DCW) has taken nearly 15 years. Tens of thousands of people, a set of the scientific, production and construction organizations have been involved.

The corporation “Splav” has brought a considerable contribution in process of creation of the industrial facilities intended for safe utilization of chemical warfare agents. A few years ago the design institute “Atomarmproekt” and PJSC “Contour” which are a part of “Splav” have carried out development, and then production and delivery of large consignments of fittings developed especially for equipment of technological lines of destruction of chemical weapon.

Alexander Lystsev, chief technical consultant of MC “Splav”:

– Development of special modifications was conducted by us in full accordance with requirements of technologies for destruction of chemical weapon. On the basis of the equipment which we delivered and we deliver still on nuclear power plants has been created type-range of bellows-sealed adjusting valves and spherical cranes with manual and pneumomanagement.

This equipment developed by specialists of Corporation has been installed at all domestic industrial enterprises for elimination of chemical weapon.

We will note that during creation and the subsequent functioning of objects up to the CW destruction the main requirement was safety. Huge attention was paid to development and installation of the special equipment, sensors, creation of the most modern shops on utilization, etc. As a result the Russian subjects to elimination of chemical weapon are considered as one of the safest enterprises.