We start production and supply of equipment for the NPP Busher in Iran

The large contract is signed in the summer between Corporation “Splav” and JSC “Rusatom Service”, the leading division of State Corporation “ROSATOM”  on maintenance, repair and modernization of objects of nuclear power abroad. According to terms of the contract in Iran “Splav” will make for Busher nuclear power plant and will ship the equipment and spare parts in total more than 7 thousand units.

Yulia Penyaz, the deputy director on sales for the NPP:

– For nuclear power plant in Iran we manufacture accessories and the equipment which will be used when carrying out planned repair work. For Busher nuclear power plant we deliver the equipment since 2007. For this period we have shipped totally more than 9 thousand units of pipeline armature. Before signing of the contract with “Rusatom Servise” in the sphere of deliveries to Iran we successfully cooperated with “Atomstroyexport”, the engineering company which is also a part of “Rosatom”.

The corporation “Splav”  has already started production, the first shipment, under the terms of the contract, will take place in October. The contract covers 2 years – thus, deliveries of production to Iran will be carried out during 2017 and 2018.