The next contract within State defense order is signed

Partnership between Splav Corporation and one of leading enterprises of Rosteh State Corporation came to a new stage of development. At the end of August, the parties signed the next contract on strategic partnership within implementation of the State defensive order. According to the contract, “Splav” starts in production of the next large consignment of accessories for production made by one of the enterprises of Rosteh for needs of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Total amount of the contract is about 100 million rubles.

Pavel Zamakhin, the head of department on sales of Distributed Valves of MC “Splav”:

– We have finished the first contract concluded last year between our Corporation and Rosteh successfully. We have made for our partners and have shipped over 200 sets of products, which are a part of production delivered within State defense order. Production volume under the new contract many times exceeds the previous order. We plan to finish shipment of accessories under this contract at the beginning of 2018.

Expansion of cooperation with Rosteh State Corporation – essentially new aspect of activity and strategically important step in development of Corporation “Splav”. Before collaboration of the party have held a number of meetings, during which the highest assessment got the production capabilities of “Splav” and also level of quality which is provided by Corporation. For performance in full and precisely in time of the assumed liabilities, “Splav” has started the project on construction of the specialized shop on production of accessories within State defense order, and, now, production of products for one of the enterprises of Rosteh Group is already conducted in the new production division, equipped with a complex of the necessary modern metalworking equipment.

MC “Splav” is powerful machine-building company today: over 1500 units of processing equipment; the full cycle of production including all stages of a technological chain from development of a design and production of prototypes before introduction of products in mass production; a full complex of test stands for check of products on compliance to the stated technical parameters, including – tests of the equipment under pressure from a vacuum to 72 MP and at a temperature from-60 to +550 ° C and the accredited metrological laboratory.